MAG Flakes Guarantee




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Guarantee for Dead Sea Works Brand MAG Flakes purchased from Emerson Supply

You Can’t Lose!


Purchase MAG Flakes and install on your indoor riding arena as specifically directed by Emerson Supply / and we guarantee your arena will be dust free or your money back!


MAG Flakes have controlled dust so well over more than 20 years in indoor riding arenas in North America, we are able to remove the risk from your investment decision to make your footing dust free and never add water again.


We know you recognize risk in decisions for trying new products and with a purchase of MAG Flakes, you never have to worry about:


If MAG Flakes do not control the dust in your indoor arena, we will REFUND Your Money in Full!

Warranty violations for guarantee:
  1. Watering the footing treated with MAG Flakes.
  2. Footing contains organic material like sawdust, wood shavings, bark topsoil or other organic material visible or broken down into dust fines.
  3. The depth or area of your loose footing to be treated by MAG is greater than originally stated to Emerson Supply.
Refund request must be within 90 days of delivery date of MAG Flakes