Stop Arena Dust Once and For All With MAG Flakes!

$1095 for a 48 bag pallet.

Low freight pricing available!

Cowboy on horse obscured by dust

Are you:

  • Coughing and inhaling arena dust every time you ride?  
  • Feeling burning and itching from dust in your eyes?
  • Cleaning dust daily from the barn?
  • Fed up with wrestling with tangled hoses
  • Slipping in leaking sprinkler puddles?
  • Paying high water bills or jeopardizing your well’s ability to supply water for drinking?

If indoor riding arena footing dust is choking you, your friends and your horses, there is a new alternative solution to watering your arena every few days.

MAG (Magnesium) Flakes for dust control is the answer for you!

  • Hello Doug,

    Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product. It not only solved the dust problem, but the CoverAll buildings get very wet inside on the kickwalls from condensation and that problem is gone. We only used 30 bags and the footing is perfect!

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Doug,

    I have had the MAG down for a couple of days and I love it so far. I can’t believe it took me three years to find out about this.


  • Doug,

    My wife and everyone who comes here, loves it so far.


  • Very pleased with the product. I started with 30 bags and the footing is dust free!! I am telling anyone I know with dust problems about  your product. Very satisfied!

  • Hey Doug,

    Just thought I would give you a follow up on the mag flakes we put down. They are working great. No dust or animal sensitivity issues. No real greasy feel or overly damp feeling on our ropes or boots. Really enjoying the product.

    Have a great day. 

    Bill and Cheryl
  • Just a friendly update. The arena is great and virtually dust free. I added four bags last week after getting a new drag that mixed a little deeper than the first.  I only wish I would have known to do this year’s ago.Thank you!Brigham Turner

  • Hey Doug,

    Just wanted to let you know that Mag Flakes are AWESOME. Very happy I made the investment. I had a little bit of complaining about closing the arena (while applying) but everyone agrees it was worth it. The time I use to spend maintaining the indoor is now spent riding. Plus dealing with you and the trucking company was a pleasure. Thank you. 

  • Doug,

    I cannot thank you enough. The Mag Flakes have made a tremendous improvement in our indoor footing. It is dust free, fluffy, and not frozen. The entire process from ordering, communicating with with you, delivery, installation, and the result all have been amazing. We are a large show farm (300 per week) in Chester County PA and it is so important that the cold weather doesn’t slow us down in our training. Your Mag Flake is making that happen in the awfully cold winter.

    Thank you again.

    Tara from Reinbow’s End Farm

  • We love the mag!!!! It is really amazing the difference it is making and all of my boarders are happy with the results.  No more complaining about dust is the best part!!  

    Mary Clair

Enjoy riding in moist dust-free footing every day!