FAQ's for Mag Flakes

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How Much Does It Cost For MAG Flakes?

MAG is the lowest cost option for dust control when compared to the costs of watering, using polymers, or mineral oils.   Most small arenas can be treated with MAG for less than $1250.00 including freight. Most larger arenas can be treated with MAG Flakes for less than $2400.00 including freight. The MAG never leaves the footing unless you put water on it.  Small, touch-up doses of MAG need to be added from time to time to control new dust fines created from normal wear and tear on footing due to hoof action.

How often will I need to water if I use MAG?


That's right, you'll never need to water your footing again when you use genuine MAG Flakes.

How long have been MAG Flakes been in use for dust control in indoor riding arenas?

MAG Flakes have been successfully controlling dust in indoor riding arenas for over 25 years.

Do Footings treated with MAG Flakes dry out hooves?

No, MAG Flakes in arena footing will NOT cause hooves to dry out.

What types of footings will MAG Flakes Control Dust?

MAG Flakes will control dust in: Sand, Sand and Rubber, Sand and Clay, Limestone Screenings, and Sand with Fiber additives.

Will MAG rust out my steel building and equipment?

No, MAG bonds with the dust and sand particles. It does not  "off-gas" and cause rust. If footing treated with MAG comes in contact with painted steel, it will not cause corrosion.Allunpainted steelrusts naturally when exposed to the air.

How Much Is Shipping?

We are able to ship MAG Flakes on a pallet to your farm for convenient delivery. Thanks to a high volume discount, we can get a pallet delivered to many parts of the U.S. for $140.00-$235.00. Multiple pallets ship for even less.

Some customers have the pallet shipped to a "friendly loading dock" like a feed supplier or a small business and then pick up the MAG on their own at a convenient time. Shipping to a business saves even more money and avoids having a person waiting for the shipment or accomodates farms with restricted delivery access for big trucks.  We don't "mark up" shipping fees and search for the lowest rate possible for you.  Lift gate deliveries are available, too.

How Much MAG should I apply to my footing?

The amount of MAG required for the initial treatement of footing depends on :

  • The composition of the footing: sand, rubber, organics like sawdust or shavings, fiber additives
  • The age of the footing: new to well used and the level of accumulated dust fines
  • The depth of the footing to be treated and its intended use: hunter/jumper, dressage, reining, barrel racing, etc.

The application rate for the initial treatment is important. Apply too little, you'll be disappointed and assume MAG does not work. Years of experience will help us guide you on the right amount to apply for your specific footing. No two arenas are identical in footing composition.

Will dogs and cats walking on footing treated with MAG Flakes be harmed?

Pets have no problem walking and playing on footing treated with MAG. Dog agility arenas use MAG to control dust, too!

Will my footing treated with MAG freeze?

Use your arena ALL winter! Your loose footing treated with MAG will not freeze!

No more frozen, crunchy, crusty footing to prevent riding.   MAG will keep the same moisture consistency in your footing year round, even on the days where temps are a frigid, sub-zero.

What about annual maintenance for touch-ups of MAG?

Eventually, after the initial treatment of footing with MAG Flakes, new dust fines are created and accumulate to a point where a little dust begins to appear. This simply means a touch-up of MAG Flakes is needed. Estimate 5%-20% of the original stabilizing dose for annual touch ups. The number of bags required for touch ups depends on the hardness of the sand and the activity level of horses being ridden on the footing. As an example, a 60' X 120' arena with moderate use will usually require 3-8 bags per year for maintenance.

Will I save money with liquid -sprayed on magnesium chloride?

When you buy a 50 lbs. bag of MAG Flakes, you get 50 lbs. of pure magnesium chloride.   Our MAG is guaranteed to be 100% MgCl2 hexahydrate, while liquids chemically cannot contain more than 33% MgCl2,.    There are NO agricultural or distiller’s waste products in MAG; it is a pure natural product that is extracted from the Dead Sea – a source of life giving minerals.  If you're considering sprayed on magnesium chloride, make sure you're getting pure magnesium chloride and a guarantee of theactual weightof the magnesium chloride before added to the tank water.

Will MAG Flakes work with footing in covered arenas with no side walls?

Owners of "covered arenas", which have open sides for better ventilation in the southern states,  use MAG Flakes successfully for dust control.

What is the shelf life of stored bags of MAG?

MAG Flakes in sealed bags will keep for years! It's important to check the bags you intend to store for small tears or perforations. Tape over the  holes or tears  with duct tape or packaging tape to seal the bag to prevent exposure to air. If left unsealed, the holes will allow the moisture from the air to enter the bags and cause the MAG Flakes to harden.

Still have any questions?

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, I'm here to help! Please reach out to me.