Are MAG Flakes for dust control worth the investment?


Only if you believe time is money and your time or your employees’ time can be better spent.

One happy MAG Flakes customer said, “If I’d known about MAG 20 years ago, I would not have wasted the equivalent of two years on watering my arena and could have devoted that time to making money in my business, riding or relaxing.”

How much is it to make my 60’ X 120’ arena dust free with MAG Flakes?

A 48 bag pallet should treat most 60’ X 120’ indoor arenas.  At $1100.00  per pallet plus delivery at $150 to $250 depending on location, you are dust free!  But does it work? It sure does we have been making indoor riding arenas dust free for 17 years. Find out more at

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